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Cloud Hosting

Super fast and secure cloud hosting with instant webpage loading speed. 99% Uptime and Weekly Backup system.

More Than 30+ Designs

Stunning templates for blogs, corporate websites and magazines. New templates added every month. It’s easy to switch design.

Plugins For Promotion

Premium plugins for promotion, SEO, conversion improvement and split testing. Monthly updates and support for FREE.

Auto Blogging

Interactive system that allows to create hundreds of content pages with automated content by WP Robot.

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Probably the easiest and most feature rich WordPress hosting platform.

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Get Google and Yahoo top 5 rankings on autopilot with ease. This SEO system will suggest keywords and will automate SEO.

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Increase advertising profits by attracting visitors from social platforms and increase conversions. Your profits will skyrocket!

For Sales

Launch a sale and increase profits by utilizing amazon and woocommerce – one of the most powerful sales plugins on the web.

Auto blogging

Forget about writing tons of content yourself – stream automated content from dozens of services on autopilot with WP Robot.

Amazon sales

Increase affiliate profits by selling Amazon products integrated into your WordPress blog with this powerful premium plugin.

For E-commerce

Turn your wordpress site into e-shop with one simple click with Woo Commerce plugin – No skills required!

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Email marketing

Turn your wordpress site into e-shop with one simple click with woo commerce plugin – no skills required!

Auto blogging

Turn your website into a profitable business. generate tons of automated content with wp robot and get free search engine traffic.

Affiliate marketing

Wordex includes many powerful amazon plugins that automatically places amazon products on your website to deliver additional affiliate sales and generate profits for you!

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